Childwall Church





Where is the new entrance?


The new entrance will be directly below the window seen in the picture (below - 1st picture). This will go straight in to the church. However, there are 9 gravestones surrounding this area that are on the raised (2ft) lip. These gravestones will have to be removed and also any bodies, simply because of the difference in height of the graveyard level (from that next to the church and that of the path). These graves will be bisected via a glass wall. On the inside of the church is an archway over a radiator - these will go to make way for the new entrance. The original outer wall of the Plumbe's chapel will be removed and a Fire Door will now be in its place (due to the Servery).



Where is the circular building going to be placed?


The building will be placed over the current graveyard. Viewing the picture (2nd from left), one can see the wooden peg in the ground. This will be one edge of the building. The building will virtually touch the dividing wall between the graveyard and the bloody acre. If you follow the line of the path down until you come to the black circular cross, that is the other side of the building.

Showing the area that the proposed Rotunda will sit on.

Taking out over 60 gravestones, and more importantly hinder grave tenders from paying respects to their departed. Is a set of toilets more important than the dead?


There are also recent interments as recent as 2009 - what will happen when they too wish to be interred in to the  grave? It will not be possible with the Rotunda on top.


It was once quoted that it is an 'honour' to be buried under a Church - very true - but not a modern day Rotunda which houses toilets!


Question 4 - Does anyone on the PCC have any conflict of interest as far as the planning process is concerned?


Little is actually mentioned about the route around the rear of the Church for disabled access. This is where some of the earliest headstones can be found (see picture above).


There will be a significant amount of gravestones removed, both single and also tombstone type graves. One can also see the gradient drop suddenly - will this have a modern rail going around the rear of the Church thus spoiling the classic lines of the Church? Will this have new lighting thus shining in at the Altar window?


Will the floor have to be completely flat thus involving lots of ground work next to graves? More importantly, in the middle of winter, who wants to be going down a dark graveyard, around the back of the Church just to get in to the building?!